Anonymous asked: Hi! I was just wondering what are some of your favourite horror blogs? I'd like to find more but none of them are any good so far (other than you, you're amazing)

I love sixpencee ! Her blog is amazing and unexplained-events. I have a couple of other really good blogs too :3 I’d make a list soon!

Anonymous asked: last year I visited an abandoned hospital with my friend next to where her mother worked. nothing really caught our attention until we almost finished. we were in an area where it was dark and most plant life had taken over, I saw a large black figure rush into the room where all the plants were growing, even tho my friend had her back turned she said "bring out your axe we need to leave now" so I did. just as we were almost out we heard strange noises that I cant quite make out to this day.

Its always fun to go to abandoned places with friends! I try to do it the most I can because we always find new experiences. May I ask what were the noises like?